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Arcata Greens Issue Retraction, Apology

February 18, 2006

Get Involved Today!ARCATA - In a sudden about-face, members of the Arcata Green Party met in the hallway of their headquarters to apologize for opposing the Humboldt Coalition for Community Rights' effort to ban corporate contribution to non-local elections.

A group of Arcata Green Party members, including City Councilman Dave Meserve and Arcata Chairman Jesse Goplen, were locked out of the office where the meeting was supposed to occur Wednesday, so held their meeting in the hallway.

Humboldt County Green Party Chairman Greg Allen and Charles Douglas - both of whom voted for the opposition to HCCR initiative - were not present.

The Wednesday group said there was not a quorum for the previous meeting where the initiative position was decided, so that vote is not valid.

The Arcata Greens have yet to take a position on the subject, they said.

"The Arcata Greens apologize for the mistaken impression that resulted from the publication of business transacted at a Jan. 18 Arcata Greens meeting," a press release states, "a meeting which was held despite the lack of a quorum of five members."

Fourteen members voted unanimously on Wednesday to set aside any business conducted at the Jan. 18 meeting and issue an apology to the activist community, the public and the press.

"On behalf of the Arcata Greens, we apologize for any confusion that may have resulted," the press release states. "The Arcata Greens have not yet taken a position on the proposed ordinance."

The next Arcata Greens meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. March 15 at the Redwood Peace and Justice Center.

It's unclear what this means for Greg Allen's leadership of the Humboldt County Green Party. A General Assembly in Garberville is scheduled for today, at the Veteran's Hall, starting at noon.

A call to Greg Allen was not immediately returned.

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